Admissions Policy

Priority will always be given to funded children.

Places are allocated according to the following priorities and criteria:

· Children living in Longwick and surrounding areas will be given priority if numbers are high
· Children who already have siblings at the pre-school
· Age and length of time a child has been on the waiting list; we try to offer places in order as much as possible
· Emergency places will be allocated wherever possible.

New starters will be offered no fewer than 2 sessions per week. More sessions will be offered after their commencement at the pre-school or the term after their third birthday. Additional sessions will be offered providing there are spaces available and will be allocated in date of birth order.


This is based on the current funding regulations set by the government that all children aged 3 years and over will be funded for a maximum of 15 hours. The 30 hours childcare scheme came into effect in Buckinghamshire in September 2017. These changes extend the current 15 hours to 30 hours per week in total for working families.

Please go to to see if you are eligible.

Funding commences in the term after the child’s third birthday. A child must be 3 before the 31st March, 31st August or 31st December to qualify for funding for the following term. Funding is also available for some 2 year olds the term after their 2nd birthday.

Please go to to see if you may be eligible. Children under the age of 3, who are not funded, will be charged fees.

All funded hours will start from the beginning of the week and any hours over and above this will be charged as fee paying hours on the session after the funded hours expire.

Fees:   From 1st October 2018 our fee per hour for 3 and 4 year olds is £5.50; for 2 year olds it is £6.00.