About Us

Longwick Pre-school has been situated at Longwick Village Hall since 1990. We have access to a spacious and airy hall area where children can engage in large play, small world play and table based activities.

Longwick Pre-school aims to create a safe, secure and stimulating environment in which children can:

  • Be healthy, stay safe and enjoy and achieve through well planned learning opportunities
  • Learn to respect others and be respected in return
  • Gain confidence to move onto the next steps in their education
  • Experience a wide range of activities which will enhance their developmental progress through all six areas of development

At Longwick Pre-school children are able to explore a wide range of activities which covers each area of learning for the Early Years Foundation Stage.  Children can explore our indoor and outdoor learning environments independently through free play  and also in adult led activities.

We strive to ensure that all activities are ‘meaningful’ and exciting for the children so that they want to learn and are encouraged to take the next steps in their development.